A downloadable game for Windows

Destroy the enemy castle on each level, before they destroy yours.

Made for #LOWREZJAM 2016 by Mantlair and Yosu.


Game is pretty complicated and 64x64 doesn't help about it (Also the time limit). So we put all the details in the readme file. There is also a png file that explains the user interface. YOU SHOULD KEEP THE README FILE OPEN FOR AT LEAST TUTORIAL LEVELS! (1 to 5) Otherwise, it's entirely possible for anyone to just say levels are impossible and give up.

First 5 levels are meant to teach you the mechanics. Like sending a ranged unit after a melee one, or how to cast your spells just right. You should understand these mechanics in order to win the normal levels. After them there are 3 levels meant to be Easy/Medium/Hard difficulty. And there will be some bonus levels with special rules if we can update the game in the rest of the jam time. Also the menu is not so good looking but that will have to do. We focused on gameplay too much ended up with no time left for it.


--In Menu--

You can use "up-down arrow keys" for select levels.

You can use "Enter" to start a level.

--In Game--

You can use "up-down arrow keys" for control game speed.

You can use "right-left arrow keys" for control camera.

You can use "1,2,3,4,5" for spawn units and building/upgrading turret.

You can use "Q,W,E" for cast spells.

"Escape" key to get back to menu.

"Backspace" to restart a level. (!!!)

As you can guess main mechanics of our game comes from famous "Age of War" flash game. We tried to add some cool stuff to the core of that game and "The Conquest" happened. Music is also a remix(kinda) of the music of that game named "Glorious Morning", check it out that's awesome. So some of the credit goes to respective owners of the both music and the game for inspiring us. Have fun!

(Yes, we know that meteor kills your units too. But that's an huge meteor. So it's actually much more logical and balanced.)



TheConquest (1.2).zip 11 MB

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