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My entry for Ludum Dare #35: Shapeshift.

Shape the bricks by rotating and painting them. Match the target formation to win on each level.

-- Details About Mechanics --

- If you move to blocked areas(pink-ish ones) you lose. You can undo the last move.

- If you touch to a brick from a connectable side the brick sticks to you.

- Paint cells paints the brick above them. You must match the colors of the target.

- Rotator blocks turns you 90 degrees. You must match the rotation of the target.

- In order to win you must macth the target exactly. Block Type/Color/Rotation, and empty cells must be empty. (I am aware you always get enough bricks to get by. I thought I could make morelevels using that mechanic.)

-- Controls --
Arrow Keys: Move
U: Undo (You can undo only one move at a time.)
R: Restart
Escape: Return to menu


Reshape(Compo)-Windows 43 MB
Reshape(Compo)-Source 1 MB
Reshape(Compo)-Mac 23 MB
Reshape(Compo)-Linux 24 MB

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