A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A bullet hell for #agbic jam.

The famicase I used.

Song is "Battle Theme for Lost at Heart" by Robert J! Jake. His Stuff.

Art is made by Damla Su a friend of mine. Her stuff.

Programming/Level Making etc. by me. My stuff.

Stop the evil black clouds with the "Sword of Rainbow" and keep the town folk happy. If their happiness hits zero or you ran out of health game is over.

Black clouds will try to reach to the town in a synchronized-ish way with the song.

-- Controls --

R: Restarts the level. (Currently there is only one level.)

WASD: Move

Arrow Keys: Swing sword


Enemies will stop when the song is over and game will restart. (Sorry, I want to do the polishing after uploading this version because I might not be able to finish it in jam time. So you win when the song ends. Act like there is a "Congratulations! Thanks for playing!" pop-up.)

NOTE: Currently I just made one level using all the mechanics I implemented. I will try to add easier levels to game in jam time if possible. This will be the final level of the game. So there is no learning curve in the games current state. I would recommend reading controls carefully before diving into it.

PERFORMANCE NOTE: Game is a bit laggy at the start for some reason I couldn't figure out. Hopefully It will get normal after you wiped the first wave of black clouds.

Alternate download link.


Sword of Rainbow(Win).zip 18 MB
SwordofRainbow(Mac).zip 20 MB

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