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Play as a fish and murder innocent creatures! Do insane air stunts over fishing boats! Destroy underwater flora! Airshot birds with spikes!

Made for Ludum Dare #33: You are the Monster.

-- Controls --

Q/E: Shoot spikes
W/S: Move
A/D: Turn
Shift: Sprint
Space: Jump (When on ground)
Backspace: Return to menu
Enter: Finish level
M: Toggle Sound

--Programs Used--

-Unity 3D
-Photoshop CS2
-Bosca Ceoil (.ceol file included with music)
-Windows Sound Recorder (You will know when you hear it.)


KillerFish-Linux.zip 14 MB
KillerFish-Mac.zip 14 MB
KillerFish-Windows.zip 12 MB