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Grow as a plant and reproduce! Freely decide which way to grow!

You have limited energy. Collect sunlight in order to make seeds. Drop your seeds on green areas and regrow.

Growing costs 1 energy.

Seeding costs 10 energy.

Sunlight gives 20 energy.

Seeds will fall directly below so if ground below is not green you can't seed.

There will be a visual indicator whenever seeding is possible. And it will show where your next plant will be. Hit the plant target on each level and unlock sandbox/playground.

-- Controls --

Left/Right Arrow: Change Direction

Up Arrow: Grow

Down Arrow: Drop Seed

R: Restart

Enter: Next Level (When target is reached.)

Made for Ludum Dare #34: Growing


Regrow-Source.zip 1 MB
Regrow-Windows(Compo).rar 7 MB
Regrow-Mac(Compo).rar 8 MB
Regrow-Linux(Compo).rar 9 MB

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