Generally you are controlling a girl who owns a well trained bird. You will use the bird as a weapon in order to make bird reach to the cage. You can collect some gold on the way. There is 2 different maps for playing.

(There was problem with WebGL compiling i will add that build when possible)

WASD to walk.
Mouse for aiming.
Left Click Send/Call bird.

Notes about mechanics:
If bird hits an enemy it will start pecking(switching through some shitty sprites) and damaging enemy.
You can't call the bird back if bird cant see you. (a.k.a. Raycast hits something which is not you).
If you call bird back before she kills an enemy that enemy will be stunned for a short time.

Ludum Dare Entry Page: (Downloadable versionsa are there!)

Made withUnity
Tags2D, bird, Roguelike